An interview with… Rachel Salisbury (To the Moon… and Back… and Back…)

Tell us a bit about you as a company and this show?

I am an actor and a writer and this is my first venture into creating a show specifically for myself, playing myself and based on real-life events. I’m not self-obsessed honest! I hope it will be a story that many people can relate to.

You wrote ‘To the Moon And Back… And Back… And Back’ from personal experience, what did you find hard, and, on the flip side, useful about this?

The hardest part is reliving painful parts of my life, but the useful part is that I wrote it, so if I forget a line, I can make it up!

What have you enjoyed the most about this project?

Working with my amazing director Danäe Cambrook. She has helped me realise a full vision for the show, has pushed me and not let me get away with anything. As an actor, she’s been a dream director!

What do you think people will like most about the show?

I hope people find the date stories funny and relatable, and I hope people will see themselves in my story.

What made you take the decision to be a one-woman show?

It almost chose me! I had wanted to write something for myself for a while, but then when everything happened I thought – wow, it’s been given to me as a gift and I have to do it now.

Favourite line from the play?

“I kept reminding myself that you have to kiss a lot of frogs, but nobody tells you frogs talk so much!”

Three words to describe the play?

Love, loneliness, viral.

Tell us a funny story from rehearsals?

Dancing like maniacs to Jessie J!

Anything else people should know before coming to the show?

It’s a show about looking for love and removing the stigma that’s attached to owning that. It’s OK to say you’re feeling lonely, it’s OK and completely natural to say you want a partner and it’s OK to believe you deserve that.

To the Moon… And Back… And Back runs at the Etctheatre 18th-22nd August as part of Camden Fringe. You can get tickets here!

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