Crossing By Arghierenia Kyrimi, Florence Wright and Ugo Nelson (Jittery Pens Productions), Hen and Chickens Theatre

“Mind the gap – wouldn’t have to mind it if you didn’t put one there”. Whilst I’m
paraphrasing a tad, this line, executed with hilarious distain by Arghierenia Kyrimi, was
perhaps my favourite of the show and with its delivery, I gave up any hope of taking notes during it; I was hooked. And I simply resigned myself to sitting back and enjoying the story’s being told. Which I found incredibly easy to do. Crossing navigated the highs and lows of the lives of people who all ‘cross paths’ on the London underground. It brought forth for me the idea that when you’re in a tube carriage there’s a chance someone could be having the worst day of their life, someone else the best and sometimes you can’t be sure which ones which; a person could be crying out of joy or smiling in futility and hopelessness.
Whilst at first I found it difficult to discern the meaning behind the show, after some thought I began to interpret compassion – or the search and need for – as the shows central theme. And it was explored well. The cast were terrific (Jimand Allotey, Nell Bradbury, Arghierenia Kyrimi, Benjamin May, Ugo Nelson, Oliver Parnell, Zain Qureshi, Corinne Strickett) and the energy and chemistry between characters felt very real and genuine. Additionally, the cast performed multiple and distinct characters convincingly and never did I find myself wondering who was who. Though, there were some parts of the show that felt stronger than others. The shows highlight for me was the truly sincere
performance delivered by Jimand Allotey as Cécile and the storyline she was a part of.
This was also, for me, the section when the writing seemed the strongest and epitomised
what I viewed as being the message of the piece.
All in all, a strong show with some truly beautiful and often heart-breaking moments. The trouble is with show with such strong writing and performances, which are so throughout, that moments not as polished or refined (such as transitions) really stick out. But overall an enjoyable piece of theatre and I look forward to seeing more from the cast and JITTERY PENS PRODUCTIONS.

Allen McGlynn (guest blogger)

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