To the Moon… And back… And back

I had high hopes for this piece after our interview with Rachel, and I have to be honest and cut to the chase and say that it completely lived up to my expectations!


Walking into a nice bit of Toploader put me in a really good mood to begin with, and on stage I saw mirrored something close to my own morning routine, which consists not of cleanser and toner (or whatever the thing we’re supposed to do is), but of dancing and singing around my room wrapped in a towel. The show had a pleasant ebb and flow- getting serious enough to have a real impact when talking about loneliness and the frustrations of living in London but cutting it with fun date scenes and witty remarks so that it never felt overly helpless or depressing.


The costuming was brilliant, I’m a little envious of the style, but additionally, the changes added to make the scenes nicely segmented and kept you engaged. Additionally, I have to mention the part where the jacket became a man, it was the most realistic way I’ve seen the skit done!


A further thing was how bloody accurate some of the descriptions of the dates were- I wouldn’t be surprised if we had been on a date with the same person at one point! There was a lot of laughs from the women in the audience as the men consistently overbore the conversation and were either self-indulgent or just plain dull.


I was getting concerned that the play wasn’t going to have a positive ending, but I left feeling a little lighter and ready to face the word again. The only bad word(s) I have to say is that the music levels were a little off, and at times reminded me of being in a spa, or one of those headspace/mindfulness talks, which made me start to drift off a little at times and I really didn’t want to!


Overall I must recommend this piece if you get the chance to see it, whether you’re loved up or a single pringle, male or female- it really is a piece for our age.

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