Central (Story) Line, Fingers Crossed Theatre, Theatre N16.

Central (Story) Line has been fluttering about on the edge of our radar, having completed a run at Camden Fringe, we were super excited when the email came through asking us to review it.

Sometimes we get really excited by the premise of a show and maybe we build it up too high in our heads. That would have been impossible in this case, I’m genuinely stuck for words as to how to describe how good it is, and I’m seriously contemplating just typing ‘go see it’ over and over again until my fingers ache.

Music and news clippings act to contextualize the piece as we whizz through from the 30s to the present day, they also allowed a glimpse at the actors behind the characters, which is delightful in the instance as it draws you out of the intense narrative and makes you laugh and smile for a little bit. The levels of sound were, mercifully, spot on, so you could hear words clearly and simultaneously weren’t deafened.

The piece was clearly devised by a company that are very in sync, and they definitely benefited from the direction of Daniela Atiencia, as every moment was clear, clean and meaningful. The play not only touches on migration but also feminism, gay rights, political activism and ageing- all without making you feel like it’s trying too hard. In fact, they’re just there like in real life!

The play also works brilliantly to reinforce the notion of individualism. The three characters all went through the Kindertransport programme, but all three of them lived different lives, and with slightly differing views on how to frame what happened to them as children- even within one character.

I really hope this play gets seen my as many people as possible, it is horrifically relevant and should go on and on and on until we acknowledge what we’re doing in the world. The play is supporting Safe Passage, please do take a little bit of time to check them out! 

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