Interview with the producer of ‘Bromance, the Dudesical’ playing at The Other Palace

We are super excited to be chatting to Daisy Smith, of How Very Productions, about the upcoming run of Bromance, the Dudesical which is going to The Other Palace in October!

Tell us a bit about you as a company and this show?

I have a varied past including riding for England, studying to become a Barrister, working in sales, events, journalism….. Producing uses all my skills and I love seeing a fantastic production take shape. This is my biggest ever production and my first London show but I have an amazing team on board – Sarah Redmond (director), Dan Gillingwater (set design), Kim Hollamby (lighting), Joe Morris (sound), Max Barraclough (co-producer) and my incredible husband Andy Smith has done the arrangements and is MD (It’s great when your husband is a world-class MD!)

Bromance came about after seeing a YouTube video of one of the songs, I got chatting to the writers – Ewalt and Walker – and suddenly I’m producing the show! Another one of my crazy ideas – my family often despair of me!

The show is American- what particularly do you think will translate to a British audience? 

The humour is very British – the writers are exceptional and have that quick, clever comedy that Brits appreciate. And I think the characters are very transferable – we have the jocks and nerds over here too, we maybe just call them something different!

What have you enjoyed the most about this project?

Seeing how excited others have got about it! When I first showed the script to Andy and I heard him laughing in his office. When I sent it to the director and she text within 20 mins with “This is amazing!”. The show is really fun and everyone who has been involved in it so far has really got onboard with the feel. “Once a bro, always a bro.”

What do you think people will like most about the show? 

I think they will love the music – there are some great songs and Andy has put an epic band together for the show. Dan is doing some really exciting things with the set which I am looking forward to seeing and I know Sarah will bring out every inch of comedy; the audience will have a really fun night!

The show appears to examine male friendships, what is particularly special about the way the show explores this subject? 

The writers, Ewalt and Walker, have just hit it so truthfully. They have used very definite characters that are all so relatable. We all know a Tom, Dick and a Harry! I think there is something quite special about having a female director for such a male dominated show though too – maybe seeing it from a fresh angle.

Tell us about the development of the show, particularly the transfer to London

From watching a Youtube video to putting together the little production in Henley, my hometown, took about 6 months. After Henley, I was sure we had something special so put a list of possible London venues together from unrealistic, dream scenario to more possible. Amazingly, The Other Palace, my number one choice, came back with a yes. The Other Palace have been doing such great work with new musicals with The Heathers and Eugenius particularly, and I am so excited that Bromance will be following in their footsteps.

Favourite line from the play? 

I love it when Sanchez says “Girls can like video games and sports and even sex, Marty.” And Marty replies “You like video games?!”

Three words to describe the play? 

Comedic, energetic, bro-tastic

Tell us a funny story from the process?

“Raise my Stakes” is a cracking, sexy, jazzy number at the end of Act 1. There are a lot of sexual references hidden within it though and it was funny when the whole production team had to admit to googling some of them or better still trying some of them!

Anything people should know before coming to the show? 

It will be funny but also potentially life changing: Girls will go away with a better understanding of the rules of Bro-tool and men dragged, kicking and screaming to see a musical will question everything when they actually enjoy it.

Once a bro, always a bro!

Bromance The Dudesical is playing at The Other Palace, St James’ Park on October 16th to 24th. Thrilled to see you there

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