The Half Moon of Shania, by Burnt Lemon Theatre Company, at the Bread and Roses as part of Clapham Fringe

The ‘Half Moon of Shania’, is a vivacious musical spectacular on at The Bread and Roses Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe. The one-act musical written by Cara Baldwin, follows three unique twenty somethings on their quest to be the next big music act of the 90’s. Lola, an astrology freak who plays the lead bass, is the most centred out of the three and is joined by Jill who is the glue of the band, and Kerry who plays lead vocals ( Kerry, known as Ketamine Kerry to her punters, but ‘Kez’ to her besties). Together the three make “The G Stringz”.
For 50 minutes, the Bread and Roses was turned into the Half Moon pub on an actual half moon and it is obvious to say that there was a lot of mystery in the plot regarding the moons magnetic affect on humans, and how it could have had a possible effect on the girls choices.
Full of energy and complete freedom, the musical showcased 3 female actor-musicians in a non-conventional way. All three actresses were allowed to dominate the stage in a way that modern audiences rarely see. Their vocals whilst performing various musical arrangement of Shania Twain songs acted as a catalyst to the plot ; the metronomic strum of the guitars re-created the beating of the human heart during the tense moments and still managed to entertain during the sung moments. The musical relighted the 1980’s girl vibe which we all get when we listen to something as cheesy as Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or in this case any Shania Twain song. It was not a show of glitter, but more of glam which really evoked the feminist in me!
With direction by Hannah Benson, the show was quite daring in it’s urge to speak to the audience, as every now and then the fourth wall would diminish and we were involved in the fun by being encouraged to sing along or answer questions. Breaking the fourth wall added a lot of comic relief , especially when the audience got warmer as the show went on.
‘The Half Moon of Shania’ left me wanting more and it’s safe to say that 50 minutes wasn’t really enough for me. This is a sheer positive reflection of the work produced and I can’t wait to see it at a bigger venue.
Mauricia Lewis

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