My Father’s Dragon, by Cat and Hutch storytelling at the Bread and Roses, as part of Clapham Fringe

There’s something so magical about seeing a children’s show as an adult. It gives you a little sense of being out of place, but in a sneaking into the sweet shop at night and trying all the sweets you haven’t had since you were little because they took all the stuff that makes you hyper out of them now…

I digress, My Father’s Dragon had everything I wanted in it children’s story, it’s framed by a quaint camping trip, where Katrina and Rebecca brilliantly multi-role their way into the adventure of a lifetime with a few, very invested children in tow.

The story follows a young boy make his way through the jungle and encountering various distinct and interesting characters from northern hogs to a vein lion that our brave Elmer meets and helps in order to continue to the journey. I particularly love that she helps, rather than defeats (for the most part, there is a little bit of hopping on crocodile snout) the animals she encounters- promoting positive conflict resolution which is always refreshing to see!

The puppetry work and amazing costuming made the production aesthetically beautiful and engaging. The kids were fascinated by the multi-coloured plastic cutlery as fishes and wanted to play in the sea and swing from the trees and engage with the myriad of characters

Katrina and Rebecca are amazing entrepreneurs that just happen to be fabulous young women, and if you have little ones or space to entertain little ones at your institution you should hire these women because they’re funny, entertaining and you might even learn something about yourself.

Check out their Website here:

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