Bromance the Dudesical, Ewalt and Walker, at The Other Palace

Arriving at the Other Palace really is quite the experience. Greeted by a doorman wearing a tailcoat, and a palace of 55 different Gins, it is easy to describe the venue as exciting. Taking my seat in the studio, I am met with the smell of red wine. As the four men of the cast enter the stage, the smell is quickly replaced by that of lynx. 4D theatre!
Consistent with well places jabs at modern day masculinity, mixed with the occasional corny one liner, Bromance was undoubtedly a treat to watch. An American musical brought to Blighty often runs the risk of losing its character through culture but I was impressed that the intimate nature of the venue helped the audience feel at one with the Bros. Yes, there was some risqué humour, but it was never taken to a point to make me feel uncomfortable as a woman in the audience. The way the themes were handled was comic enough to create an understanding of no harm intended.
I enjoyed the interaction with the live band, and particularly the song that was an ode to chilli cheese fries (a great snack). There was a painful break up scene, and a genuine sense of joy when all bros reunite.
There must be commendation to the one woman in the cast, Esme Laudat, who showed exceptional skill in multi-role. She brought a unique style and swagger to each role, and really did put the boys in their place when necessary. Overall, the production was smooth and sleek, with an outstanding sense of self. I really couldn’t recommend it enough.

Bromance the Dudesical plays until the 24th of October at The Other Palace

“Dude, you can be a bro and a man”

Kirsty Doig

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